Elon Musk Replies to Antiwar.com Article

Elon Musk Replies to Antiwar.com Article

This morning Elon Musk commented on an Antiwar.com article that was republished on Zerohedge.

The article was written by my Libertarian Institute colleague and Antiwar.com opinion editor Kyle Anzalone. It details annual NATO war games that simulate nuclear strikes on Russia. The war games, entitled "Steadfast Noon," began today and are slated through the end of October.

Although these war games occur every year (which should tell you who is provoking whom in this conflict), NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said cancelling this year's war games would "send the wrong signal" to Russia.

If Elon Musk recognizes the extreme danger of nuclear escalation over Ukraine, why can't our leaders?

I made this article into a YouTube short. You can also watch it on TikTok, through the link below.


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