LAST CALL for Labor Day Membership SAVINGS

LAST CALL for Labor Day Membership SAVINGS

Just a friendly reminder that you only have 14 hours left to help us reach our production budget goal for The Truth About Oppenheimer Part II. The sale will conclude at 10 AM Central US on September 5th.

We set out to raise $500. To get there, we needed to sell about 12 annual subscriptions.

As of this writing, 4 people have taken advantage of our Labor Day Sale of $40 for an annual subscription. That's $15 off the normal rate of $55!

Special thanks to Jan, Andreas, and Jessie for helping make Part II a reality.

We still need 8 more people to grab this deal to reach our goal.

Supporting Members will get early access to episodes of Vital Dissent, special bonus episodes, behind the scenes, and will be thanked in the credit roll of "The Truth About Oppenheimer Part II."

Take advantage of this deal today. We won't be doing another membership sale for a number of months, likely not until we are fundraising for Part III.

If you just really want to help us meet our production budget, become a Supporting Member through this link to get the normal rate of $55/year.

New Supporting Members will also get access to the archives of bonus content found in the header menu at—this includes an advance copy of the first 4 minutes of the script.

Thanks again! Act now.