Ron Paul Institute Features My Article

Ron Paul Institute Features My Article
RPI features my latest piece

I learned a very important lesson this month.

Since I started writing articles on foreign policy, and even through podcast episodes, I developed a tendency to put people on blast while attacking the bad positions they take.

The problem with that nuclear approach is that it resigned my reach to those already in my audience. Worse still, I often made the target of my attack double down on the bad policy position. It also made enemies out of potential other-issue allies.

Now some people are worthy of reproach and they will continue to get the double-barrel blast. But others may yet be reached with a more persuasive message.

Knowing how to approach different groups of people on different topics is a skill that I am still developing.

Take for instance, my most recent article called, "It's Time to Cut Zelensky and Ing-wen Off the U.S. Dole." The piece attempts to persuade populist Republicans to oppose the Taiwan Policy Act by finding common ground. The action item is a concrete policy goal that does not require my target audience to adopt a libertarian non-interventionist world-view.

The message obviously resonated. The piece was picked up by Zerohedge where it got 72,938 views.

It then became the Spotlight at

And now I see that it was featured at the Ron Paul Institute:

Today is a good day.

Thanks to all my readers and supporting members for your continuing encouragement.

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