Someone's Gotta Give a Shit

...why not you?

Someone's Gotta Give a Shit

We’ve all been there: the hours-long Facebook and Twitter threads arguing about whether Iran is involved in Houthi attacks against the UAE or what we can really say is happening in Xinjiang, China.

Like papering over a crisis, those late nights spent huddled over a keyboard, pounding out a screed against the federal reserve ALWAYS cause a crash a day—a week later (it’ll come eventually, right?). Work won’t start later because you really connected with your podcast guest last night and went way over time. Your young kids will STILL be getting up at 6:30. They don’t care if it REALLY IS all Woodrow Wilson’s fault. And what about those starving Yemenis? I mean, come on! Tomorrow is recycling day!

We’ve all been there…right? RIGHT?

Well in your own ways you have.

We’ve all stayed up too late watching trash on Netflix. We’ve all had a little too much on thirsty Thursday. We’ve all stayed up a bit too late reading. Heck, we’ve all had Twitter and Facebook arguments about which is the better heavy metal band: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden (it’s Priest).

If we weren’t trying desperately to reign the world in from murder-suicide, we’d be doing something else. Admittedly, some of those things might be more immediately productive, but some of them definitely wouldn’t be.

This piece isn’t about what the best use of our time is, how to balance activism and a healthy life, or even strategy (I know that’s a hot topic these days), it’s about giving a shit.

If you’re being honest with yourself, I’d bet you sometimes wish you weren’t fixated on world events, the NAP, or destroying the Left (maybe the Left even pushed you here unwillingly).

It’s true that most people aren’t obsessed with these things. But when these NPCs do care, the “acceptable” programming is uploaded right into their sponge cakes by people who do give a shit. In the last two years it gave us COVID, massive money printing, and nuclear brinkmanship.

So yeah, someone good has gotta give a shit. Why not you?

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