The Most Criminally Underrated Figure in the Liberty Movement

Is my guest in next week's episode

The Most Criminally Underrated Figure in the Liberty Movement

When I was a teenager, I worked for my dad every summer.

He owned a mobile home park, so there was always plenty to do: the entire season’s pine needles needed raking, the trees needed trimming, and the lawns needed mowing. Once I was old enough, I even ran the Skid Steer.

Although I didn’t always appreciate it at the time (it was work!), I now cherish the experience.

While I worked, I always had something playing in the background. When I wasn’t listening to extremely heavy metal, I flipped the key back on the old GMC and tuned in to sports talk radio.

Although some people are annoyed by him, I always liked Colin Cowherd. When I was a teenager, his weekday show was still primetime on ESPN radio. One thing that Cowherd always said, and my dad would repeat to me, is that you need to “find what you love to do, then find a way to make money doing it." That way, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Although it’s not my full time gig, my work at Liberty Weekly and at the Libertarian Institute is incredibly fun to me. Writing articles, researching topics, and recording podcasts, to me, is the gig that Colin Cowherd was talking about.

If it wasn’t, there is no way I’d still be doing it.

On May 30, it will be five years. I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it. I’ve met tons of wonderful people and I’ve seen my work featured alongside individuals I consider to be heroes.

My guest this week is cut from the same cloth. Alan Mosely has been a libertarian activist and content creator at least as long as I have. He launched his first show, “The Gold Standard,” in September 2017.

Now, Alan is the Host of “It’s Too Late!” which is (to my knowledge) the only show in our space that is a proper late night comedy show. Alan puts a ton of work into this content and it shows. Alan is genuinely funny and his production quality rivals what you’d see on mainstream television. His guests are interesting and prolific, and his content is timely and interesting.

Alan is a great libertarian. He has appeared on the Tom Woods show multiple times and has interviewed some of the greatest living libertarians, including Ron Paul, Walter Block, Scott Horton, and Michael Boldin.

“It’s Too Late” airs every Wednesday night at 9 PM  eastern time on Alan’s Odysee and YouTube Channels. Go subscribe to them right now.

On Sunday night, I welcomed Alan to Liberty Weekly for the first time. Premium members get early access now through the link below. Consider signing up today!