What People Are Saying About My New Documentary

What People Are Saying About My New Documentary
Watch "The Truth About Oppenheimer Part I" http://www.vitaldissent.com/oppenheimer

The incredible outpouring of support for my new documentary "The Truth About Oppenheimer" has been sublimely gratifying. For that I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to watch it and subscribe or comment--there are several hundred of you in particular who subscribed to this email list after viewing my interview with James Corbett.

Here's what some of you said about it:

This was more enlightening than I ever expected. Very well done. Utterly fascinating. I can't wait for part II. The illustration of the depths to which this government can dive in its quest for domination is beyond belief. Thank you for this education. -revzef
An absolutely riveting start to a documentary series and I can't wait for the next part. -erosmangr74
Fascinating and very well done. Bravo, Patrick! -lauriecalhoun481
You are awesome -Scott Horton
I'm seeing people on podcasts talking about Oppenheimer I'm right now because of the film coming out but this was my favorite presentation. Great job, Patrick. -mikedunn9310

For all of you new members, I've been making similar content for the better part of seven years now. If you liked "The Truth About Oppenheimer," here are a few similar projects you can watch while you wait for Part II to release. None are as well produced, but the shocking information is still there.

To those of you who have been long time subscribers, thank you all! Check out "The Truth About Oppenheimer" if you haven't already.

If you all want to help me turn Part II from script into documentary, please consider upgrading to a paid membership. I promise to be a better steward of this email list.