Warning of the Danger of Nuclear War is not "Disinfo"

Warning of the Danger of Nuclear War is not "Disinfo"
The Tiktok takedown notice I received this afternoon. 

Yesterday, I sent an email to this list detailing that Elon Musk used Twitter to reply to an Antiwar.com article. My email included a Tiktok video I made about the exchange. As of this morning, the video had 5,545 views.

Sadly, that all came to an end this afternoon when Tiktok notified me that my video was removed for "violating its Community Standards." Ostensibly, the video ran afoul of Tiktok's "[i]ntegrity and authenticity" mandate by providing "misleading information that causes significant harm."

But nothing I said in the video was factually incorrect and it hasn't harmed anyone.

Although Elon Musk did not verbatim warn of nuclear war in the Tweet I showed, his statement "practice makes perfect" was a comment on the provocative nature of the war games, which simulated nuclear strikes on Russia by NATO.

Moreover, Musk did indeed explicitly warn of this risk in a Tweet made moments before the one I showed in the video:

Musk is not the only public figure warning of the real risk of nuclear war. Two weeks ago, President Biden stated

I don't think there is any such a thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon...We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

If Joe Biden's above statement was posted to Tiktok, would the platform have removed it for "misleading information that causes significant harm?"

I have appealed to Tiktok and hopefully the video will be reinstated, but I am skeptical. Find my video response to Tiktok below, before it too is removed:


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