ADL: Defending Ukraine Apparently More Important than Fighting Antisemitism

ADL: Defending Ukraine Apparently More Important than Fighting Antisemitism

The ADL continues stacking up the "Ls."

Earlier this month, #BanTheADL went viral on the-platform-formerly-known-as-Twitter when Elon Musk publicly threatened to sue the organization for defamation, seeking billions in lost ad revenue.

Musk alleged that the ADL conducted a smear campaign against the platform and Musk personally, accusing both of anti-Semitism.

In typical ADL fashion, it has continued to denounce things since the outburst from Musk, even if no one in particular asked.

As Mitch Robson, Associate Publisher of The Chicago Thinker, cleverly tweeted today:

A Twitter user in the replies highlighted a March 4, 2022 article published by the Nevada Chapter of the ADL entitled "Why is Putin Calling the Ukrainian Government a Bunch of Nazis?"

The piece featured an interview with a professor of Jewish History from the Jewish Theological Seminary, Dr. David Fishman.

Dr. Fishman attempts to minimize the role that actual neo-Nazis have played in Ukrainian politics, calling the neo-Nazis "marginal" and "politically insignificant." Stating that the UPA allied with Nazi Germany for "tactical and not ideological" reasons.

If only the ADL would give flyover Americans the same benefit of the doubt.

The Nevada ADL's apparent lack of concern for influential elements of actual Nazis in the Ukrainian military and government was too much for some Christian Zionists.

An outlet called Israel365 issued a scathing rebuke of the above-cited ADL Nevada article, stating:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was established in 1913 to fight anti-Semitism, so it was shocking when, earlier this month, the organization came out in defense of the openly Nazi elements operating in Ukraine.

As Washington further flirts with causing the apocalyptic end times prophesied in the Judeo-Christian faith, maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the hardcore Zionists haven't also come to bat for Ukrainian Nazis.

Clown World really is hard to keep track of nowadays.

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