Bring Back the Draft?

Bring Back the Draft?

Raise your hand if you've heard somebody say this:

"Kids theses days couldn't fight a world war."

This is usually bandied about like it's a national shame.

Of course, the implication--intended or not, is that we're in trouble, because the youth of other nations *are* capable.

You see, the problem is that today's military is too *woke* and therefore too weak and effeminate to stand up to the likes of the new AXIS OF EVIL: Russia, China, and Iran.

In reality, the US military still engages in some of the most depraved and violent behavior on the planet, regardless of its open acceptance of queer and trans officers and enlisted.

Before leaving Afghanistan, that *woke* military drone bombed an aid worker along with his children and their cousins. Those effeminate pansies then tried to cover it up.

Despite the implication that a *woke* military just needs more funding and more aggressive masculinity, maybe it's a good thing that folks view the military as vehicle for neoliberal or progressive social activism--there's got to be some reason why kids from fly-over America don't want to join it.

Maybe it's the perception of a woke military, or the fact that two decades of the Global War of Terror has emasculated the US military and left its veterans to rot. Kids see that.

So--bring back the draft? That's what a new Op Ed from says. Do that and I think they'll see the resolve of this nation's youth. Maybe they'll recall why the draft was abolished in the first place.

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