China's Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

China's Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

Imagine that your wife has a crazy ex-boyfriend. The ex drives past your house every other day brandishing a Glock 19 out the window of his Honda Civic.

Sometimes he parks on the street for a while, sitting in his car, pointing the pistol at your house and pretending to shoot it. He smiles. Sometimes he looks into your window with binoculars.

In the middle of the night, you can hear the whirr of a drone. But when you go to the window, it's always hovering right outside your property.

One morning you look outside and your neighbors are standing next to the ex's car with weapons of their own, scowling at you. What if you found out that he gave them those weapons and taught them how to use them?

You finally have enough. You bump NWA, grab your AK, and walk out the door to confront them.

Someone calls the police.

To your surprise, when the police arrive, they refuse to do anything. They actually say that the ex is within his rights, because he has never set foot on your property!

We all know this would be an absurd result.

In this bit of bonus content my Libertarian Institute colleague Connor Freeman and I discuss current events, including the return of COVID, the Republican primary debate, the Maui Fires, and the absurdity of our Taiwan Policy.

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