Tiktok Comments Are Even Stupider Than YouTube

Tiktok Comments Are Even Stupider Than YouTube
This is my Tiktok. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

As members of this list should know, I started a Tiktok last week.

I know what you're all thinking... "oh boy. Tiktok? Really?"

My answer is... "yes. I know."

Believe me, I do.

The sad truth is, in terms of views, I've had more success on Tiktok on one week than years spent on any other social media platform.

I've used the opportunity to bang out short videos destroying the mainstream narrative on Ukraine. It's garnered me almost ten thousand views in the last seven days.

But with it come the comments. Oh man, the comments.

If the popularity of short video sharing sites like Tiktok is any indication of the wholesale slaughter of attention spans, is it really surprising that comments on Tiktok are so bad?

Probably not.

In this bonus episode of the podcast, I respond to some of the comments I've gotten on Tiktok.

Comments like this one on the advisability of NATO war games that simulate nuking targets in Russia.

And this comment about Elon Musk's attempts to outline a peace deal:

All in all, it is good that I am getting negative comments. It means that the message is being broadcast outside of the echo chamber.

That is exactly where it needs to go.

Supporting members will get to see me address these comments through the episode, link below.