What They're Not Tellin' You

What They're Not Tellin' You

In 1994, when I was a year old, my grandfather died from colon cancer.

I am told that he was a very colorful man with many eccentricities. My mother speculates that he suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder. She tells me that he would often stay up all night reading in his study. On weekends, he’d be found holed up in his shop across the road, creating inventions. When he was caught up with an idea or a project, he pursued it vigorously. Later, he would crash and recover.

He was a member of the John Birch Society. He would often tell my mother about the Federal Reserve scam. When she was a kid, he made her read Harry Browne’s 1973 book, Freedom in an Unfree World: A Handbook for Personal Liberty.

He often wrote editorials in the guest column of the local paper decrying government corruption. In 1991, he wrote an op-ed condemning George H.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. It is the only one that I actually have a clipping of.

There were many phrases that he would often say. One of them was “and… what they’re not telling you.” This often began an oral expose of one nefarious scheme or another. I am proud to carry on his intellectual legacy.

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