'Haitian Cannibal' Extravaganza

'Haitian Cannibal' Extravaganza

What a wild week in the news cycle and for Vital Dissent.

My article debunking the Haiti cannibal story was well received on X. It was so well received that Dan Cohen, the documentarian that met with and filmed Jimmy "Barbeque" Cherizier, reposted it:

On Thursday, I was invited to speak on one of the largest "Spaces" on X, part of a series hosted by Mario Nawfal. I ended up summarizing my article in the last 5 minutes of the Space. I think it was really well received by the panel. You can listen to the recording here, but fair warning that some of the discourse before my spot was a bit chaotic.

Marcel Dumas, a PhD who writes for the Mises Insitute also dropped a great article about Haiti that focuses on the political situation. I highly recommend it. It was also reposted by Dan Cohen.

I also saw that David Ingram of NBC wrote almost the same article that I did, except he took more of an anti-Elon Musk angle.

I just saw that Rolling Stone also picked it up with the similar angle I did.

Sometimes the establishment mouthpieces get it right when it means trashing right wingers. The same thing happened when the New York Times blew the top off of the Epoch Times for being a front of the rabidly dissident anti-China religious group, Falun Gong. The reason? They were also pro Trump.

On a more fun note, last night I played some video games and answered a ton of behind the scenes questions about my show and the liberty movement. The game I played is called Helldivers II and it's very much like Starship Troopers.

At any rate, I have huge plans for this list. I am working on really putting together a really nice free eBook for you free subscribers. It will be a curated collection of my articles with short commentary on each one.

I am also working on holding giveaways for members. I am still thinking about what the rules will be for those. I will first be giving away this signed picture of Ron Paul. Stay tuned for those details!

I hope you all had a great week! Please leave a comment or provide feedback below.