Is COVID Over?

Was Covid just a plot to remove Trump?

Is COVID Over?

After wasting away through six months of COVID-19 lockdowns, I explicitly remember laughing at anyone who suggested everything would return to normal once the election was over and Joe Biden was President. These people were naïve sheep, or so I thought.

Anecdotally, the folks I talked to who cast this opinion weren't the highest information voters. That aside, it might actually be true that COVID-mania is nearing a close.

The evidence for this? Also anecdotal.

One week after Joe Biden's surreal inauguration, two of the most radical COVID tyrants, Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, both announced a loosening of their states’ respective COVID policies.

On Monday, Newsom lifted California's regional stay at home orders citing improving COVID numbers:

On the other side of the country, New York tyrant Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that indoor dining will now be allowed in New York. This comes on the heels of deescalatory rhetoric regarding the COVID19 threat:

Indeed, across the country, COVID lockdowns seem to be lifting, credited oftentimes to the passing or non-occurrence of the dreaded “holiday wave.”

But can we truly say the change in rhetoric and loosening of restrictions is decisively tied to Biden's entering office?


In both cases, an alternative motive may be identified. For Newsom, a recall effort has gained substantial traction, accruing 1.2 million signatures.  For Cuomo, a few large lawsuits have gained traction against him, with 70 different NYC restaurants named as plaintiffs.

The easing of these restrictions could simply be because these governors can no longer blame Trump for bad COVID numbers. You see, once the fire gets a bit too close to their cloven hooves, the piggies start to squeal.

That being said, I do not know which prospect is more terrifying, the idea that the power elites would put the globe through 11 months of COVID hell just to assure a Trump defeat, or that COVID1984 is here to stay in the long term.

Sadly, it appears the latter is the case for a few reasons.

First, the governors themselves must do what they can to assure their own political survival. Certain folks are beyond fed up with the Corona World Order and they are beginning to show it. Now with the pressure on the governors themselves, they have to save their own hides.

Second, aside from the draconian lockdown orders, the worst parts of the COVID regime are here to stay. Vaccines are still being pushed, court scientists are still preaching their gospel of gloom, and mask policies are literally being doubled. The lockdown orders could also recur at any time.

Lastly, the nations of the world are not uniformly easing their restrictions. If COVID were just one big plot to install Joe Biden in the White House, COVID efforts around the world would likely be easing uniformly. This simply is not the case.

At any rate, I will cheer the easing of lockdowns even if it means the scoundrel politicians get to save a little face. Although I (hypothetically) wouldn't plead against the mob were they to take them the way of Gaddafi (we came, we saw, he died!).

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