The END of Substack

The END of Substack
Welcome to Ghost!

On March 9, 2022, Substack announced the launch of its first mobile app for IOS.

The app was marketed as allowing customers to read their favorite Substack writers without having to sort through their email inbox.

Substack's March 9 launch announcement also invited Android users to sign up for a future Android release.

Although this will be a short term boon for Substack, for me, it is the platform's carrion call.

True, Substack is currently home to a great many controversial writers, from Glenn Greenwald and Alex Berenson to Drs. Robert Malone and Joseph Mercola. To date, these figures have been free to publish on the platform without censorship. Many of them have denounced the COVID orthodoxy and cut at myriad other pillars of the Cathedral.

That said, once a large percentage of Substack's customer base switches over to the IOS and Android apps, these tech companies will have a massive sway over the platform. Both have delisted apps that don't play by the rules.

So, as announced several weeks ago, I have opted to take my Substack over to Ghost is an open-source platform. If worse comes to worst, my Ghost website is portable. If I needed to, I can host it myself on a Raspberry Pi.

This will be the first post that you receive from my new Ghost website,

In addition to being more censorship resistant and having a cooler name, Ghost provides all the same features as Substack, and then some. Tiered support levels are at the top of the list.

I will be rolling these features out in the next few weeks, along with the promised release of my first book. Electronic copies will be sent to all free subscribers. Supporting members will get a signed physical copy (at the $10/month tier).

For now, the website is up.  All of my subscribers have been migrated over as promised, without any action on your end or service interruptions to Supporting Members. You will be receiving this email from the new Ghost site.

So go check it out! All of the content has been ported over.