The “Anti-Woke” to Zionist Pipeline

We must understand exactly how the “anti-woke” movement transitioned from protecting children to abetting their extermination.

The “Anti-Woke” to Zionist Pipeline
Taylor Lorenz Interviews Chaya Raichik on February 24

On February 24, Chaya Raichik, creator of the infamous social media brand “Libs of Tiktok” granted an interview to her ostensible nemesis, Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz.

The clash was not the first between the two outrage brokers. In April of 2022, Lorenz published an expose doxxing Raichik as the then-anonymous creator behind “Libs of Tiktok.”

With this recent interview, Lorenz sought to denigrate Raichik’s credibility as an icon of modern American conservatism. To this end, Lorenz was actually successful, albeit in a way that Lorenz was incapable of fully exploiting given her neoliberal worldview and place of employment.

When Lorenz asked Raichik about her support for the “Great Replacement Theory,” she framed the question as follows: 

Lorenz: …[i]t sounds like you sort of do ascribe to this theory of “the Great Replacement,” umm, how does that—
Raichik: I just look at the facts and the numbers. 
Lorenz: Well, so, I mean, just, let’s give a corollary, right, a lot of Jewish people fled, you know, Europe, came over here also as immigrants, umm, and there’s a lot of criticism towards Jewish people in those movements, in those far-right movements, so I’m just wondering as a Jewish woman, sort of how you feel about that and your role in cultivating this fanbase that might think of you as an–as a minority, an outsider. 
Raichik: Ahhh…not all cultures are equal… yeah. (Defiantly)

If Lorenz was not the epitome of the corporate press, she may have expounded upon Raichik’s answer by asking Raichik why she rang in the new year with an IDF-guided press tour of Israel... 

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