Who is Really Enslaving You?

Who is Really Enslaving You?

There are many forces that seek to govern your life.

Indeed, the forces which wield the most control over you are not the coercive forces of the State, but often are the ones which dwell within your own psyche.

I would be want to invoke the words of Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World,” but the truth of his words may not shock the Reader into action, much like I continued to lay dormant the first time I read it.

I covered “Freedom in an Unfree World” in my final podcast before a 10-month hiatus. In it, I took Harry Browne’s book to mean that every minute libertarians spend enraged about the State is another minute the State takes from them.

While I still agree with this point, it is not the only one Harry Browne made.

The real object of control is one that libertarians often overlook—because it is coercive, but not inherently violent. Also, it requires us to confront our own choices. It is the work that our own minds and inhibitions employ to keep us enslaved—in that job we don’t enjoy, in the cycle of complacency that drags our knuckles against the floor.

What good is freedom if it does not allow us to live the life that we choose?

Sure, we could choose to heel to infuriated bosses and the 60+ hour/week grind. Or we could choose our own grind—one that may, in fact be 60+ hours/week, but is not work. Instead, it is a labor of love—one that blurs the line between toil and leisure.

What is this path? I am not sure. I really couldn’t tell you yet. It’s certainly terrifying. I am stumbling in the dark. But I would like to take a leap and find my way. Maybe you’ll join me on this journey?

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Until next time.