I Can't Believe What They’re Saying About the UNC Shooter

I Can't Believe What They’re Saying About the UNC Shooter

On Monday, August 28, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill walked into a science lab and shot his supervising professor dead.

In what has unfortunately become standard practice, the shooting was immediately politicized. The Left lambasted the seeming normalcy of American gun violence. The Right waited to see if the Left would magically lose interest in the story after learning the shooter's race and politics.

What actually happened was a political wildcard—both the shooter and victim turned out to be...Chinese.

This grotesque gamble turned out to be a win for Right-wingers.

You see, a non-white shooter means the Left will not use the tragedy as a political cudgel—so that means Right-wingers can!

And thus—a CCP spy drama was born! Suddenly, an interpersonal conflict became a thrilling assassination plot with red scare undertones.

The low-hanging fruit was enthusiastically devoured by Right wingers primed to believe just about any old story about America's declared enemy #1.

And hey, let's just throw in some imagined COVID origin story for good measure!

I guess we can't even wait for rigor mortis to set in before engagement brokering red meat CIA narratives.

In the meantime, real evidence has come out about the shooter's motivations.

The shooter's social media posts reveal a long history of friction and personal grievances between himself and the victim.

I suppose that the simple explanation—that sometimes graduate students don't get along with their supervising professors (Oppenheimer, anyone?)—is less sexy than the speculation that Chinese Communist Party spies are executing expats in the United States.

This is a horrible situation, and my thoughts go out to the victim, Dr. Zijie Yan and his family. Learn more about him here.


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